Parent Meeting

Geared towards parents, teachers, and professionals, adults and teens with ADHD are welcome if the topic is of interest to you!

Are you the parent of someone with ADHD? Are you a teacher with students who deal with ADHD? Are you a professional looking for the latest evidence-based information? Our CHADD chapter hosts EXPERT EDUCATIONAL AND SUPPORT MEETINGS featuring some of Orange County’s most well-respected and known professionals in the field of ADHD.

Our monthly ADHD meetings will connect you with valuable information, resources and support for ADHD issues you encounter daily. There is no cost to attend and you need not be a CHADD member. ALL are welcome! If you’d like to help defray our costs, we suggest a $5 donation at the meeting.

These no-cost meetings are made possible by those throughout the country who have become members of CHADD. For about $1 a week ($53 annual family membership or $130 annual professional), you help support your local CHADD chapter and CHADD national’s advocacy efforts for services and accommodations in the workplace and in schools.

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Meets 10 times a year;
3rd Saturday of every month.

10:00am – 12:00pm
Current Meetings are via ZOOM

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