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Parent Meetings

Geared towards parents of kids with ADHD!

Are you the parent of someone with ADHD? As a parent, guardian or family member of a child with “differences”, you agonize over how best to support your child. You worry about getting the right information about the specific disability, therapy/intervention, testing, to medicate or not medication… and how to get accurate information and a good education on ADHD.

Our Hope

Our Hope is this Parent Support Group is for you to share your experience, strength, hope and strategies with each other. This is a problem solving | sharing support group to help each other find solutions to raising a child, adolescent or young adult with ADHD.


Meets 10 times a year;
Last Wednesday of every month.

6:30pm – 8:30pm
Heart 4 Kids Center
145 W. Main Street, Tustin 92780

What is CHADD?

CHADD of Greater Orange County CA, supports a science-based, best practice, multi-modal treatment approach for ADHD, which can be done with or without medication. CHADD does not endorse products, services, publications, medications, or treatments. Individuals at a CHADD sponsored event do not represent an endorsement by CHADD, nor is it testimony by CHADD as to the quality of products, services, publications, medications, or treatments of the validity of the individual’s claims.

Disclaimer: Any advice given by a CHADD Facilitator is understood to be given in good faith. Participants choosing to follow such advice assume full responsibility for doing so.

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