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Topic: “When Emotions Rule ADHD”

Program Guest: Debra Ann Afarian, Think:Kids CPS Certified & Parent Coach


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ADHD combined with behavioral difficulties are the leading causes of teacher stress, parent burnout and clinical misunderstandings. Few doctors factor in emotional challenges when making an ADHD diagnosis. In fact, current diagnostic criteria for ADHD includes no mention of “problems with emotions”. Yet, recent research reveals that those with ADHD have significantly more difficulty with low-frustration tolerance, impatience, hot temper, and excitability than a control group. This population is diagnosed with co-occurring ODD, DMDD, Autism, etc. Adult/Child power struggles leave both parties frustrated with adults wondering how it could have gone differently.

How do you help those frequent-flyers who are triggered by the word NO, don’t respond to time-outs, and sticker charts? For this population, consequences make matters worse, they have a hard time earning any rewards, seem unaffected by punishments, are chronically sent out of class, get detentions, suspensions, expulsions, restrictions, restraints, seclusion, self-medicate and/or are at-risk for out-of-home placement?


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