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Topic: ADHD & Difficult Behaviors

Program Guest: Debra Ann Afarian

In the same way that kids with learning disabilities struggle with thinking skills in areas like reading, writing or math, research has shown that behaviorally challenging kids lack thinking skills related to flexibility, frustration tolerance and problem solving. Not long ago, kids who had trouble reading were thought of as lazy or dumb. Today, people recognize that these kids have a learning disability that simply requires a different method of
teaching. This presentation will take you on a journey to shift your perspective and practice with behaviorally
challenging kids through the lens of the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach. Rather than try to motivate these kids to behave better through rewards, consequences and ignoring – that seldom has durable results — CPS builds helping relationships and teaches skills through a process of helping adults and kids learn how to resolve problems collaboratively, and durably.