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Topic: “How the brain googles for motivation in ADHD” and “Implications for Comorbidity in Adults with ADHD”

Program Guest: Thomas E. Brown, PhD

Dr. Brown will explain the:

  • ‘Central Mystery of ADHD.’ Why children and adults with ADHD can focus and sustain effort for a few specific tasks or activities in which they have strong interest, but not for many other tasks they recognize as important — “why ADHD looks like ‘willpower’ problem but isn’t.”
  • Important role of emotions and motivation in ADHD — “How the brain ‘Googles’ to shape motivation and how impairments of working memory in ADHD can cause “emotional flooding” that can disrupt work as well as social and family relationships.
  • The importance of ‘fine-tuning’ ADHD medications to optimize the dosing and timing for each individual patient’s response to fit their body’s sensitivity and daily schedule.